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Setting out involves the extraction of data from development design drawings to accurately mark out features on the ground. One of the most important elements of land development and surveying is the accuracy of which setting out is conducted, making sure your project gets underway accurately right from its earliest stages.


At G2 Chartered Engineers, as well as serving a broad spectrum of market sectors in the construction industry, we also specialise in golf course surveying and sports pitch surveying, providing setting out, topographical surveying, and earthworks modelling for your project.




Our Setting Out Process


industrial development


We use our vast experience and state of the art surveying equipment to transfer the development design onto the land you are seeking to build on. We ensure that our engineers prioritise the site control and set up stage, making sure that key points are established and markers used to guide the building process. This way, we can guarantee total accuracy during this fundamental stage of your construction project.


We use industry-leading surveying equipment and software such as GPS and reflectorless robotic total stations to improve the overall efficiency and accuracy of our measurements. We’re proud of our excellent communication, and will keep you updated for the duration of your project.


Setting out is required whether you are building a small property such as a small residential home through to larger developments such as sports stadiums, and its highly important you seek reliable chartered engineers or surveyors to complete this for you. We work across Ireland to ensure that your development and construction projects are compliant, accurate, and are in compliance with the design information provided.

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G2 Chartered Engineers provide setting out for projects ranging from houses to multi-million-euro industrial developments and road projects. We will openly and honestly discuss your quotation, and all of our work is completed with the upmost attention to detail.

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