Why You Need a Land Registry Compliant Map

Records of all land ownership in Ireland are the responsibility of the Property Registration Authority (PRA) and legal ownership of property must be registered with the PRA.

For instance, if you have purchased a new property, your solicitor must apply for first registration of the title with the PRA. G2 Chartered Engineers can assist you with the production of the required land registry compliant map to ensure that you are able to assume ownership of the land in question smoothly.

You may need a land registry compliant map for sub-division or transfer of part of you land parcel or for registration of a right of way. We can also help you if you are seeking to sell your unregistered property, as you will need a land registry compliant map in order to submit a First Registration with the PRA.

Providing a Land Registry Compliant Map

When you seek the help of G2 Chartered Engineers, you seek the help of professionals. We will analyse any maps and information you have on the property, and where necessary we will conduct land surveys to confirm the boundaries and to measure to the area of the site.

Our survey will be compared with your existing land registry maps and any issues resolved by consulting with you or your solicitor. We will then present this map to yourself and your solicitor, and work together to confirm the finalised version before one of our chartered engineers certifies it.

Beginning Your Project with G2 Engineering

The cost of a land registry compliant map will vary depending on the size and nature of the site. Prices start at €225 (not including VAT), though we will discuss your individual price quote once we know more about your project.

Take a look at our past Work and don’t hesitate to Contact Us or call directly on 059 9159797 to discuss your latest project needs with us.