To prepare for your business’s post-COVID plan and retrofit, we use a 3D scanner (Matterport PointCloud technology) to scan the interior of the business’ building/premises. We will use this scan data to create a detailed existing floor plan, which is then used to produce the post-COVID planning solutions.

The first deliverable is a capacity assessment or a density map – this indicates how many employees/students/visitors etc. can safely circulate/work within each area of the building.

Next, is the production of a plan of the reconfigured workplace,  in accordance with  the government’s guidelines. This will indicate new working set-ups, and alterations that will have to be implemented to the site in order for workers, visitors, students and clients to be able circulate and work safely.

Following consultation and agreement with the client on the new layout, the next step is to design the ‘Visual Communication Plan’. All new layouts will be will set out and marked on the ground with stickers, signage, floor markings  for the new working arrangements. Our turnkey solution includes supply and installation of the signage, including hand sanitising stations.

First Floor-Case Study Workplace Capacity Assessments

If the new layout plan requires significant changes or a retrofit  (walls might have to be knocked down to widen corridors, partitions might have to be put up, we organise contractors to carry out this work.

Deliverables of the Workplace Capacity Assessment as follows:

  • Workplace capacity assessment
  • Employee density mapping
  • New physical distancing layout
  • Visual communication plan
  • Installation of signage/visual communication

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