Boundary Dispute Resolution

Boundary dispute issues usually take place between two different property owners who have come to a disagreement on the ownership, width, location or the maintenance liabilities of a boundary line.

The legal boundary line will always be specified by the Land Registry Title Plan, but the scale of the land registry maps can cause as much as a meter’s worth of uncertainty in some cases.

As chartered engineers and experienced land surveyors, here at G2, we can handle these boundary disputes, aiming to provide our clients with cost-effective solutions, taking into consideration the future neighbourly relationship between both parties.

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How to Deal with a Boundary Dispute

When handled incorrectly, boundary disputes can be extremely costly. At G2 Chartered Engineers, if you find yourself in the middle of a boundary dispute issue, we would always recommend approaching the other party to gain a clear understanding of their position on the boundary line.

Once you are clear of their issue, this will make it easier to be resolved.

Boundary disputes can either be resolved amongst yourselves [which is the ideal and least expensive solution], or with the help of our land surveyors. If you choose to bring your boundary dispute to us, you can expect the best professional service to help you resolve the problem in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Why Choose Us

At G2 Chartered Engineers, when dealing with boundary dispute issues between property or business owners, our qualified team are dedicated to helping you find the solution to reduce any unwanted neighbourly disagreement in the process.

Our experienced land surveyors will conduct a site inspection, including a ground truth survey and undertake the appropriate research. We will then be in a position to provide you with a professional report which will set out our view on the boundary dispute ensuring that our conclusions are clearly explained.


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